Imagine a place where there is a community of Artists who each own a piece of it and are not given boundaries of expression.

A place where their space becomes an extension of themselves and their personal style.

Welcome to Platinum Suites!


Our Atrium Classroom is a 350′ space with a two-story ceiling. The combination of sun light and dimmable lighting is perfect for any events or activities.

Artists Supporting Artists

The artist community wouldn’t be complete without artwork on it’s wall.

All work is from local artist and is for sale. Platinum Suites takes nothing to ensure that the artist gets 100% of the money for their creations.

Dan Dangler Photography

For many years I have traveled, capturing images of the landscapes, wildlife and details that define and enhance the human experience.

Lorin Easton

My mission is accomplished every day when I make something new, develop ideas, and fuse my creative energy with the world around me.