SUITE 6 - Future Nostalgia

Jen Fowler

Hi! I’m Jen Fowler (she/they). I started doing hair professionally in 2015. Vivid color has always been my favorite but directly after leaving school, I began exploring special education in cutting and styling curly hair. Over 60% of people have some type of wave or curl to their hair and I felt it was important to be able to provide services to *everyone*. I’ve studied with DevaCurl educators locally and in New York City to be able to cut and style all types of hair, from waves to coils. My focus is on wash and go and catering a routine to each person’s individual needs and lifestyle. I don’t just cut curly though! Every hair type is welcome in my chair. I also love working with kids!

My biggest focus as of recent is making my space, my chair and my services equitable and accessible. I have sliding scale pricing for every service I offer. I also design our appointments according to YOUR needs to the best of my ability. Do you have sensory issues? I do my best to minimize any discomfort by giving you the option always to skip a wash or a blow dry or any products with overwhelming smells. Future Nostalgia Suite is also very sensory friendly as we are all pretty low-key and like the calm and quiet just as much as you. I am ALWAYS happy to do silent appointments. I also keep fidget toys on my table that are always free to my clients to use. Every single person deserves to have cool hair. Salons can be overwhelming and hair services can be expensive. In my opinion, cool hair shouldn’t be a luxury. Feeling good about oneself can improve so many things in one’s life. I dream of an industry where everyone can feel comfortable and considered.